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Our apps are published on Google Play, you can see a short description of each one and playstore link on this page

Our Philosophy

Here our philosophy in few words...

We develop and publish Android apps for passion. Our approach is trying to give users something useful and well done for free or at a very low cost. Of course, it's not so easy since thousands of different Android devices exist and every manufacturer customizes the operating system of its product. To improve ourself and our apps we always welcome critics, suggestions and users requests and we do our best to take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Moreover, we love privacy and we protect users by not stealing their information. Our apps require few permissions to work and only those really needed (you can check on app description pages). See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

If you like our vision and wanna support us you may:

And, if you're a very active promoter of ours we can even reward you with redeem codes to unlock items in our apps! (A very active promoter is identified by a consistent number of demonstrable sharings and/or prolonged support, contact us for details.)

That's all !!! We would like to thank you in advance!!!